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What It's All About

What does A & E stand for? I frequently get that question. They are the two beautiful daughters my wife and I are so blessed to have.

This is My Story

Hello, I’m Philip Giffin. Along with family motivation, I also began this venture because of you–the client.  I started my working career developing land from woods to construction sites as a land surveyor. As many, my career took a turn several years ago and I was forced to make some difficult choices. Fortunately, I possessed enough background and skill for a contractor to have mercy and hire me. I always enjoyed house construction, I’ve been around it in one form or another all of my life. But what I did not expect was the satisfaction of dealing with people. Seeing someone genuinely excited about work you provided, and the relationships that develop, is very fulfilling. I realize now this is what I should have been doing all along.

My Inspiration

My grandfather built many custom homes and commercial properties in Blount county for decades. His tenacity for quality and attention to detail was unmatched. Every aspect of the house was tailored to fit the customer’s needs. He probably wouldn’t define it as such, but he was providing excellent customer service. It was just who he was–meticulous in every way. His example of strong work ethic combined with high standards taught me many lessons. Now, I’m working out of one of those quality homes he built; in the very basement office he conducted his contracting business in the early years of his career.  Grand kids’ heights (mine included) throughout those years marked in drafting pencil on door jamb still visible; his old drafting table right where it’s supposed to be. Pretty cool.

His tradition of uncompromising quality, customer service and integrity is the core of our mission here.

More Info:

Please call or email me, I look forward to serving you.

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